InkMonitor 2.1

It measures the level of ink/toner by counting the number of printed pages
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The objective of InkMonitor is measuring the level of ink or toner utilized by any printer brand or model; it doesn't matter if it is a inkjet or a laser printer. In order to do this InkMonitor counts the number of printed pages and calculates the level of ink/toner based upon the capacity of the cartridge. The program must be activated and the printer must be configured. If the printer and cartridge are not in the list you can add them. If you have already installed a cartridge that is not new you have to estimate and type the number of already printed pages in order to estimate its capacity. It is important to note that the program doesn't check on the hardware level, it only makes an approximation of the amount of pages that can be printed by using one cartridge. If you install a new cartridge you have to clear all the data information. InkMonitor can automatically detect when printing and also detects the printing quality. Another useful function is the password protection to avoid users changing parameters or quitting the program.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can utilize this program to measure the users printing behavior


  • When using printers with black and color cartridges, the program can't figure out which cartridge was utilized. Some printers don’t share the information about the number of printed documents and printing quality
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